Notes from the world premier of Le Meduse Rouge

Posted on September 29, 2013 – 09:39 pm

Post by Sarah Bartash on 4/14/2013 4:00pm

Notes from the world premier of Le Meduse Rouge

On Saturday, April 13 I attended the world premier of the movie, La Meduse Rouge at the UW Chazen Museum. Part of the 2013 Wisconsin Film Fest Wisconsin’s Own series, director / writer Michael Wellenreiter (a UW-Com Arts graduate originally from Waupun) and co-writer / actor Adam Carrigan were in attendance. The theater was packed; if not sold out before the screening, then only a few seats shy by curtain time.

(And what a curtain, if I may digress for a second. The curtains at the Chazen have their own video here. They garnered an introduction by the Film Fest volunteer who opened the film and drew applause after their performance.)

Dane101 writer Sean Weitner had already put together an informative review of the film from an advance copy here, including the perceptive line, “(i)t’s not the least bit campy — that score removes the air from the room, so it’s hard to chuckle even at those few moments when it goes for humor, ” which played out on the big screen to a room of 160 people the same way it apparently did on the small screen.

I wanted to concentrate more on the actual experience watching this in a packed theater with a bunch of moviegoers, and on the Q and A with Carrigan and Wellenreiter, who now both live and work in Philadelphia. Fair warning: as questions related directly to important plot points including the ending of the film, this piece is not spoiler free.

Before the feature, a short entitled Howdy House (links to the video on Vimeo) played, which, though it tries too hard to be weird, does have an audio track that uncannily set the tone for the movie to come.

The sound for La Meduse Rouge, partially provided by Julian Grefe of the band Pink Skull, plays such an important role, supporting the slow paced, apathetic, gritty feel. Overdubbing, sometimes done for pedestrian reasons (I’m sure it would’ve been hard to get clear audio in the scene by the research lab, where the wind is whipping so hard the actors clothing is plastered to their bodies) also adds an air that, though not set in another time, is styled to bring to mind film aesthetics of the 1970s.


Shower curtain smell

2008-06-26 18:39:58 by Tek_Jansen

Those new plastic curtains make me choke. Now I know why.
A study commissioned by the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice looked at the chemical composition of PVC shower curtains bought at a variety of retailers (from Sears to Bed Bath & Beyond). They found, unsurprisingly, that shower curtains contain high levels of phthalates. They also found high level of organotins, and the s...mpanies were phasing out PVC shower curtains altogether.
What's troubling is that it takes health and environmental advocates to get clearly hazardous products off the shelves. Our toxic chemical regulatory system leaves consumers to fend for themselves, without even giving them the information they need to make decisions. Have I mentioned the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act? Yes? Just making sure.

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